Calm Boxed Soy Candle

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The perfect tranquil union of lavender and ylang ylang.

Created for quiet, relaxing moments as the perfect accompaniment for a long hot bath, a serene reflective rest, or a meditative moment. We know those rare times of solitude are gold.

The Calm Boxed Soy Candle is a luxury home accessory that enriches both mood and décor. An alluring lavender scent envelops this candle, providing a soothing atmosphere while the elegant box adds a touch of refinement. 

The ancient Egyptians identified the calming properties of lavender. The scent is blended perfectly with the balancing properties of ylang ylang known for promoting memory and reasoning skills.    

Extend the feeling throughout your home at the flick of a match to take the pace down a notch and recharge the peace.


Handpoured Soy Candle / Small Batch / Family Owned / Hand Labelled and Packaged

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