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Introducing JetScent™ - an exquisite gift set designed for the sophisticated traveller.

Encased in a chic, high quality, reusable zip-up travel case, JetScent™ allows you to bring a touch of luxury to any destination.

Enhance your travel experience with Meeraboo’s JetScent™ - Australia's first travel scent collection designed with opulence in mind.

Elevate your surroundings at your resort, hotel room, caravan or during a stylish getaway.

Included in this indulgent collection:

  • 10ml Luxury Travel Linen + Room Spray
  • 85g Mini Travel Candle in a matching scent | 15-20 hrs burn time
  • Removable, bio-degradable insert (zero-plastic)
  • A high quality, re-usable zip up travel case to take the scent of home with you, wherever you choose to venture.

Available in the following scents:

  • English Pear + Freesia
  • Honey + Hay
  • Lily + Rose
  • Lime + Lemongrass 
  • Neroli + Cedar Leaf
  • Oakwood + Malt
  • Patchouli + White Musk
  • Strawberries + Champagne

About the inclusions:

Luxury Travel Linen + Room Spray

Introducing our brand new product - Luxury Travel Linen and Room Spray - meticulously crafted with premium ingredients, completely free of nasties for a non-toxic experience.

The velvety, lavish blend carries a rich fragrance that delicately envelops your surroundings, perfect for infusing any space with a gentle, lasting scent, especially ideal for travel.

    Our room sprays are an ideal choice for:

    On-the-Go Meeraboo freshness: Easily portable for refreshing your environment while traveling.

    Handbag Essential: Conveniently fits in your bag for scenting any space, from offices to hotels.

    Airplane Approved: Complies with airline regulations for carry-on items, ensuring a pleasant scent during flights and for your hotel room stays.

    Quick Pick-Me-Up: Ideal for a swift revitalization of the atmosphere in any location.

    Compact Gifting: Great as a small, thoughtful gift for friends or colleagues.

    Fragrant Workspaces: Perfect for keeping your work area smelling fresh throughout the day.

    Scent Sampling: Allows you to try different scents without committing to a larger size.

    Emergency Freshening: Handy for unexpected situations 😰 or last-minute plans.

    Gym or Yoga Bag Essential: Adds a touch of freshness to your post-workout or yoga session.

    Weekend Getaways: Ideal for short trips and weekend escapes, ensuring a pleasant Meeraboo scent wherever you go.

    Mini Travel Candle

    Our Mini Golden Girls are the same hand poured, high quality soy candle you know and love Meeraboo for, in a super cute miniature 85g version!

    They are the cutest little baby sisters to our OG Golden Girls - housed in an identical glass, with a brushed gold lid and seal so they are reusable too! 

    Crafted with you in mind, these minis offer a delightful preview of our fragrances before you indulge in our full-size candles.

    Perfect for:

    ✨ Sampling the Meeraboo brand before you indulge in the full-size.
    🕯 Having an extra in your favourite scent to enjoy in a smaller room.
    🎁 Gifts for teachers, bridal parties, friends and family.
    🎅 Secret Santa's and Stocking fillers.
    ✈️ Travel!

    Perfect for smaller rooms in your house where you might just need an occasional scent or don’t have the bench space for a larger Golden Girl candle - a study or guest room, a small bathroom, a nursery, mudroom or laundry.  

    We also like to take them on holiday with us! They’re the ideal size to bring along on your next road trip to make your holiday smell like home. And if you love #vanlife a Mini Golden Girl is perfect for your van, because it’s small enough to pop anywhere but powerful enough to delicately scent the whole space.

    And because they’re only $24.95, they are the perfect price point to gift to all those people in your life. Think end-of-year teacher presents, a little something for a friend, a birthday gift for your cousin, a thank you present for your trainer at the gym. And for someone who you want to give a bigger gift, why not purchase our Discovery Set as an introduction to our scents!

    Whether you’re a seasoned Meerobsessive or you’ve never tried a Meeraboo candle before and would like to know what all the fuss is about- the Mini Golden girl is the most adorable thing we’ve ever made and we just know you are going to love them as much as we do!

    This collection comes with a brushed gold lid with seal so you can reuse your vessel. The lid also acts as a base for your burning candle. 

    Please note, mini candles are samples only. They are not meant to be burnt in a large area and enjoyed like a full-sized candle. The scent throw will not be as strong, as they are small and thus have smaller wicks that throw less scent. They are simply to trial a scent before committing to the full size. We would recommend burning these in a small room (i.e bedroom, office or bathroom).