Australian Collections

Enjoy the unique smells of local Australian flora and fauna with our collection of native Australian scented candles. This collection is not only a celebration of the multi-faceted culture and environment of the Australian outback 一 is also represents the merging of traditional and contemporary indigenous art.

All of our incredible soy-based Australian scented candles are beautifully wrapped in glassware and paper boxes that are both breathtaking and elegant. All of the art for this project was created by Holly Sanders, an indigenous artist who we are proud to have partnered with. As a contemporary aboriginal artist, Holly is a proud Bundjalung woman from the North Coast of NSW. Through her art, she aims to share her stories, culture and connection to her country in a modern yet traditional way.

Explore the breathtaking scents of Australia

With relaxing and calming scents like eucalyptus and desert pea, our line of native Australian scented candles is truly the perfect addition into any home. Available as single candles or as collection bundles, we know that you will fall in love with the naturally occurring scents of Australia all over again. 

Our most popular Australian scented candle bundles include:

  • The Australian Botanical Collection 一 This amazing collection of four uniquely Australian scents is a great option for those who enjoy botanical scented candles. Reconnect with Australian nature with candles scented like Banksia, Eucalyptus, Seagrass, and Australiana. All candles in this bundle are small batch soy-based candles, hand poured in regional Australia.
  • The Australian Wildflower Collection 一 Another great collection option, these group of candles focus more on the unique floral scents of the Australian outback. This bundle contains our Desert Pea and Paper Daisy candles, both of which are wildflower scented candles that provide a relaxing and flowery fragrance to any room. Always made in small-batches from our family-owned business, these make a great gift for your loved ones or for yourself!

Explore our entire collection of soy wax candles on our website to find the perfect scent for your home. With so many great choices, we are confident that we will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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What type of Australian inspired scented soy wax candles does Meeraboo sell?

We are so deeply inspired by the many iconic scents of the native Australian landscape. Some of our most popular native Australian scented candles include our Australiana, Desert Pea, Eucalyptus, and our other Austrailana scented candles. Be instantly transported back to your favorite local Australian parks and forests with our line of undeniably Australian scented candles. 

Why should I choose Meeraboo’s Australian scented candles? 

A brand started by a mother-daughter duo, Meeraboo candles are made with love from our small family-based team. Created with the best ingredients, what started from a hobby has turned into a successful and thriving business. We pride ourselves on making incredible hand-poured candles that you will fall in love with.  

What are the most popular Meeraboo Native Australian scented candles?

While we are proud that so many of our candles are popular amongst our customers, our line of native Australian scented candles truly seems to top the list. Some of our most popular candles include:

  • The Australiana boxed soy candle
  • The Australian Botanical Candle bundle, containing the Eucalyptus, Seagrass, and Australiana scents

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