The Essential Collection

Treat yourself to Meeraboo’s Essential Collection, a beautiful celebration of fragrances designed to elevate you into a peaceful state of serenity. Feeling run down after a busy workday? Need a break from the kids? For a tranquil, quiet moment of relaxation, light one of our matte white jar candles and sink into a leisurely bath or favourite reading spot accompanied by these delicate scents. 

Discover Meeraboo’s soulful selection of white jar candles 

Allow yourself to slow down and unwind with our Essential Collection of white jar candles, carefully curated to suit everyone’s needs. With the flick of a match, fill the room with the calming scent of our lavender Calm boxed soy white jar candle. Its exotic Ancient Egyptian inspired blend of ylang-ylang promotes restoration, so you can prosper in a peaceful, meditative state of mind. 

Deep cleaning your home on a Sunday? Why not energise yourself with our Breeze soy white jar candle, as refreshing as a swim at the beach. Its fresh orange notes and amber stimulate and entice the senses. Or be transported to a tropical island oasis with fragrant fruits with the Acai soy candle. With many more inspired creations, you are bound to find the perfect scent to accompany any moment of your life in our white jar candles Essential Collection. 

Find the perfect gift in our range of white candles in a glass jar

After a housewarming or birthday gift for your good friend? In need of a Christmas gift for your work colleague? Our white jar candles are always the perfect addition to a living space, no matter the decor direction. The enthralling, aromatic experience will delight and inspire, whether wafting in from the kitchen counter, bedroom dresser or bathroom windowsill. Our white candles in a glass jar have a minimalist and classic aesthetic, with a matte white palette and gold and natural hues, a stylish inclusion for any home.

Shop the best soothing white jar candles 

As an Australian, family-owned business in regional NSW, every member of our family pitches in to add a touch of love to our white jar candles. Browse our other handmade Botanical, Floral and Australian collections of vegan soy candles for evocative natural scents of the Australian bush and fresh blooms that will bring the outside inside your home the moment you light them. Alternatively, our woody and gourmand scents will help you feel as one with nature, or you will discover a summer paradise with our fruity scents. No matter which Meeraboo candle you choose, you or your gift recipient are bound to love their well-balanced, sumptuous scents.

If you have any questions about our white jar candles or other collections, get in touch with our friendly team today. 


What type of scented white candles in glass jars does Meeraboo offer?

At Meeraboo, we offer an extensive selection of handmade vegan soy white jar candles packed in-house with love and care. Deb, our candle maker, loves pouring enthralling natural blended scents that will transport you to magical worlds, whether to a tropical summer evening, an exquisite garden blooming with lemon trees or another natural wonder. So, make your favourite blend of herbal tea, curl into your cosy spot and take in the delightful scents of our matte white candles in glass jars.

Why should I purchase relaxing soy white jar candles from Meeraboo?

Meeraboo is home to the best white jar candle scents, so you can unwind after a long day or during a stressful time in life and put yourself first. Our hand-poured white jar candles are created to help you destress, refresh and foster a calming, meditative state through entrancing citrus, floral and fruity notes. 

Our Essential Collection of matte white jar candles will help alleviate your stress and anxiety and elevate your mind into a calm, peaceful state of being, one that carries over into a well-rested, recharged feeling the next day. Embrace the beauty of a mindful moment with our Essential Collection of white jar candles.