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With contemporary, minimalist glass jars and premium scents to inspire an uplifting ambience, our candles are the perfect accessory to style a side table or give as a gift. Beautifully made in Australia, we offer a collection of hand-poured soy candles for sale that will help set a relaxing mood and create a fresh environment in your home. If you’re looking for premium fragrance blends and discount soy candles at great prices, our sales collection is perfect for you.

Purchasing soy wax candles on sale is one of the best ways to sample and discover new fragrance blends you haven’t smelt before. Our candles have been designed not only to enhance the look of your home but, most importantly, for you to enjoy. Simply take them off your bookshelves or side tables and light them up whenever you want to lift your mood and release exceptional fragrances.

Quality that makes all the difference

Whether you’re looking for a discount soy candle or something from our seasonal collections, every candle created in our studio in Cargo, NSW, meets our strict quality standards.

Crafted from soy wax to give you a longer and cleaner burn, our candles have a neutral base — allowing your chosen fragrance to disperse throughout your room for a true-to-scent smell.

Meeraboo hand-poured soy candles for sale are vegan and made from renewable sources. They also produce less soot than other wax alternatives, reducing the discolouration of the top layers of your candle after use.

Homemade soy candles for sale to suit any preference

If you’re looking to liven up your home with zesty notes of lime and lemongrass or add warmth with a few gourmand candles, we have a wide collection of hand-made soy candles for sale for every room of your home. From botanical scented candles to Australian scented candles, woody candle scents, fruity candles, floral scents and calming candles, you’re sure to find the perfect option for your unique preferences at affordable prices.

If you need help finding the perfect scent, contact us, and a member of the Meeraboo family will be happy to assist you.


What type of soy candles on sale does Meeraboo offer?

From our discovery set of 3 mini candles, a lucky dip of our boxed candle range, a set of 2 travel candles or our Australia botanical bundle, we have a wide range of soy wax candles for sale. To sample our natural-smelling scents, take your pick from this collection, or grab a few as affordable gifts for your loved ones.

Why should I purchase soy wax candles for sale from Meeraboo?

When you choose to buy homemade soy candles on sale from Meeraboo, you’re choosing to support a small family-owned and run regional business. Our entire collection is hand-poured in small batches to ensure the highest standards of quality and finishes. Our candles are lovingly crafted in our studio in a stunning glass or tin vessel that will look great on any surface in your home or office.

How often does Meeraboo offer discounted soy candles?

While there is no set schedule for how often we add soy candles to our sale collection, we recommend visiting this page regularly, so you don’t miss out on your favourite scents at discounted prices. Just like our candles themselves, our range of homemade soy candles we have for sale is always fresh — so if you see a soy candle on sale, be sure to purchase it before it’s too late!