How to Use your Reed Diffuser


Our Reed Diffusers are long-lasting, non-toxic, natural, eco-friendly and smell incredible! They are completely free from chemicals, synthetic ingredients and alcohol.

They are a stylish and convenient way to fill your home with captivating scents all year round.

Follow these simple steps to a perfectly scented home.

Uncap your Reed Diffuser

When you receive your Reed Diffuser, you will need to unscrew the gold cap, and remove the plastic seal. Please do not use anything sharp, and take care when opening so you do not hurt yourself or spill any precious fragrance oil.

Once you have removed the plastic seal, simply screw the gold cap back on. You can keep the plastic seal somewhere safe if you ever need to move your Diffuser or you wish to put it away to make way for a new one.


Unbox your Reeds

You will receive 10 reeds with your product. Unbox them, and simply place all ten inside the Reed Diffuser through the opening in the top of the beautiful matte white vessel.


Flip your Reeds - VERY important!

This step is often missed, and is the most important one. After you have inserted the reeds into your diffuser vessel, you will need to flip them once. This helps to disperse the fragrance and begin the diffusing process.

Be careful, as the reeds will have oil on them once you have dipped them in the oil - so keep them clear of furniture, skin and clothing.

Wash your hands after this process.


Regular maintenance

To maintain the scent throw of your Reed Diffuser, you need to flip your reeds regularly, we recommend doing this every week if you desire a strong scent.

The more often you flip your reeds, the least amount of time your Reed Diffuser will last. However, you should get 4 - 6 months of enjoyment before needing a refill :)

If your reeds become clogged or discolour, you may need to replace your reeds. We offer reed stick replacements here.

Keep out of reach of children and pets, and do not get oil on furniture, skin or clothing. 


Savour the Scent

Our Reed Diffusers are the perfect way to scent your home all year round. The reeds are designed to evenly disperse the scent and provide a continuous fragrance, making it the perfect way to keep your home smelling great with no flames and no fuss.

Sit back, relax, and savour the delightful fragrance that your reed diffuser imparts to your home.



Once your Reed Diffuser has run out of fragrance oil, you can purchase a refill here so you can re-use your beautiful vessel.

With these easy steps, you can create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere in your home with your Reed Diffuser. Enjoy the soothing scents that enhance your living space and create a sense of well-being.