Behind the Scents / Blue Cypress + Native Sage

April 19, 2021

Behind the Scents / Blue Cypress + Native Sage

Behind the Scents / Blue Cypress + Native Sage


I have always loved the smell of a fresh Christmas tree. The nostalgia of my childhood, the freshness and the memories of Mum vacuuming up all the needles every. single. day.

Well, in 2019, Deb and I set out to create a candle that smelled exactly like a fresh Christmas tree. Not your usual off-the-shelf blend, but our own. This year, we've enhanced it. Just when you think Deb can't get any more clever, she went and made it even better than last year.

This candle is the most beautiful blend of spruce, fir needles, cedar wood and spearmint with the warmth of amber.

The Inspiration

In April whilst Deb was busy mixing, I began working on the Christmas artwork. The first step, briefing our artist - Holly.

Holly is the easiest artist to work with, she's such a lovely soul, and has the most incredible hand, eye and suggestions.

We knew we wanted to incorporate Australian animals to provide an extension to our Australian Botanical Collection, and a lyrebird seemed like the perfect fit. However, Holly had never painted an animal before. Can you believe it? A challenge she well and truly overcome. 

This artwork is so stunning, and even more amazing in person. It features sprigs of vibrant blue cypress, pine cones, and a lyrebird.

We asked for charcoal, greens, blues, golds, browns, greys, pine cones, spruce branches, fir and a lyrebird. She nailed it, first go. Not a single change needed.