Our Australian Made Story

May 13, 2024

Our Australian Made Story

Meeraboo is a family-owned business proudly manufacturing Australian Made candles in regional New South Wales. 

Pouring love and passion into each and every one of their products, Meeraboo’s range of candles is inspired by all that is Australia. Meeraboo candles boast a wide range of scents with collections of flavours curated to complement each other and the space they exist within. 

Meeraboo have also established a collection of candles solely dedicated to the unique smells of local Australian flora and fauna, celebrating the culture and environment of the Australian outback; the collection also reflects the roots of the family run business. 

Owner of Meeraboo, Dannielle Maere, believes that being family owned and operated allows her business to have a more considered and personal approach to manufacturing in Australia.

“The biggest part of what Meeraboo is our story and how our products are made,” she said. “All of our candle vessels are individually prepared, cleaned and wicked and all candles are hand-poured in-house. All our Meeraboo’s are labelled and packaged and all our orders are packed on-site."

Mrs Maere explained the team at Meeraboo are constantly striving to deliver the highest quality product for their customers, stating that “We wouldn’t dream of having our products made anywhere else – quality is paramount for us, and we absolutely love locally manufacturing candles together as a family.”

“We wanted to align ourselves with the Australian Made values and ethos, whilst benefiting from the Australian Made network of like-minded businesses. So far, it’s been an amazing choice, and the team at Australian Made Campaign are so incredibly helpful and supportive. We are excited about the opportunities that the Australian Made Campaign offers, especially when lockdowns are over and we are able to focus on retail and international growth again,” she said.

With big plans of expansion and growth into the future, Meeraboo looks forward to continuing to support the Australian economy and local communities as they continue pouring Australian Made candles.