Behind the Scents / Eucalyptus + Bush Lemon

April 19, 2021

Behind the Scents / Eucalyptus + Bush Lemon

Behind the Scents / Eucalyptus + Bush Lemon

A Christmas Collection inspired by the Australian Bush wouldn't be complete without a Eucalyptus scent. 

An Australian icon, Eucalyptus reminds me of weekends spent with my grandfather along the Murray River spotting koala's.

We have been trying for the longest time to create a this scent. I think Deb nailed this one, with notes of eucalyptus, tea tree and lemongrass. 

The Australian Christmas Collection features a beautiful gold foil printed keep sake vessel, incorporating Australian botanical elements and native flowers. The vessel is presented in a printed box, with artwork by Indigenous artist Holly Sanders.

The Inspiration

The initial brief for this artwork included a koala and protea's (which we quickly realised were not native to Australia). The first draft came back with Kookaburra's, and we were THRILLED!!

The protea's were painted over, and gum nuts and more leaves were painted in their place.

The final artwork features vibrant blue eucalyptus leaves, gum nuts, flowering gum and a Kookaburra.