Celebrating 10 Years in Business - 2016

May 07, 2024

Celebrating 10 Years in Business - 2016

2016 - the year the Golden Girl was born. We have always tried to differentiate the Meeraboo brand in such a saturated field, so when it came time to find new glassware and packaging, we needed something unique.

And so the Golden Girls were born (although weren't officially named Golden Girls for many years to come).

Our first order was 24 jars, and 24 lids, and we proudly picked them up from the Canowindra Post Office to fill them - photo on next slide on Mum’s kitchen bench 😂.

The very first Golden Girls had a brushed copper toned lid with seal (which has since been updated to a matte gold), with a logo sticker - who remembers the rabbit lids??

Our retail stores absolutely LOVED them, and scents like Strawberries + Champagne were bought in bundles of 12 or 24 - and still are!

They were never boxed........until now 😉...

Danni officially took over Meeraboo on 1 July 2016, a couple of months before her first child, Archer was born. Jess was living in Mudgee at the time, and Danni could see how much Mum (Deb) loved it and wanted the business to continue.

Meeraboo became a beautiful hobby and side business, whilst Danni continued to work at a local marketing agency, and Deb continued to milk cows. On weekends, Jess would help out at markets and “hop up” shops, and plans to attend our very first trade show were underway. More on that in 2017..