Creating your perfectly scented winter sanctuary

May 24, 2022

Creating your perfectly scented winter sanctuary

Scent layering is something I really love doing in my home.

Owning a fragrance business, I kind of know a thing or two about matching scents, and how to blend certain fragrances together so that when you walk through your home, it flows perfectly.

You can do this with candles and reed diffusers, but I especially love doing this with candles in the cooler, winter months. 

There's something about a flickering flame that instantly makes a room feel warm and inviting.

​I thought I would put together my selections for layering scents in your home below. 

For the kitchen bench or window sill

If you're anything like me, I spend 99% of my life in the kitchen. Walking through it, cleaning it, cooking in it and cleaning it some more.

I have my Willow Reed Diffuser from our custom VIP diffuser night on the window sill at the moment, but I normally back it up with a Willow candle too.

Why? Willow is the most incredible scent I've experienced in my whole life (I know that's bias, because Mum created it, but it's been 7 years and I haven't found anything that comes close)!!

Willow fuses the warmth of clove, frankincense and just a hint of lemon which is perfect for the kitchen.

For the master bedroom

My absolute top pick for the master bedroom would have to be William - it's a very masculine scent with nuances of men's cologne. 

Bold notes of bergamot, tobacco and leather, this candle literally smells like a tall, dark and handsome man.

For the hall table or entry way

If you want to make an impression when people turn up at your door, or walk through the main thoroughfare of your home, you can't go past Patchouli + White Musk.

It's soft, feminine and soulful - reminiscent of cooler days and brisk evenings. A perfect partner for any home at any time of year. 

A simple, stylish and elegant choice for the discerning candle connoisseur.

For the bathroom

Calm was created for quiet moments as the perfect accompaniment for a long hot bath, a serene reflective rest, or a meditative moment. We know those rare times of solitude are gold.

They are often experienced in the bathroom, whether you are enjoying your skincare routine, a relaxing bath or a simple shower.

I have a mini sample size in my ensuite, and a large in my kids bathroom (because lavender helps them sleep right)!?

For the living room

Neroli + Cedar Leaf is such an easy scent to enjoy and a safe choice if you are having guests.

Because it's the perfect blend of sweet and woody with beautiful neroli, teak wood and bold cedar leaf, it's suitable for both male and female guests.

This scent will become one of your coffee table must-have's - don't say we didn't warn you.