Our Best Seller with 100+ 5 Star Reviews (and counting)

March 06, 2024

Our Best Seller with 100+ 5 Star Reviews (and counting)


We don’t like to play favourites with our soy candles…each and every one holds a special place in our hearts. But we can’t deny there’s a bit of a favourite with our #meerobsessed crew who have left 100+ Five star reviews for this particular Meeraboo scent.

So which of our luxury soy candles is behind the mystery Five Star door?

Ta-da…it’s Patchouli & White Musk!

Why is this sophisticated scent receiving so much love from our customers?

Part of our woody fragrance family, the combination of Patchouli and White Musk is both warm and sensual as well as earthy and grounding.

This Patchouli scented candle brings the spicy and sweet, lending an exotic character to this blend. It has been used for centuries as a popular base for perfumes and incense and is known for its calming properties. 

White Musk delivers warmth and cleanliness to our blend, with musk providing longevity and balance. Musk is sweet but not overtly floral, offering a comforting backdrop to patchouli. 

Together this is a nuanced and luxurious candle scent - not too sweet, not too heady but strong enough to make an impact yet delicate enough to enjoy throughout your entire home year round. It’s the Goldilocks of scent profiles - just right :)

But really, our #meerobsessed customers put it best…here’s some of those reviews. Straight from the gold star givers themselves!

“OMG do yourself a favour and get this gorgeous candle…it is amazing, you won’t be disappointed.” - Heather 

Beautiful candle that's subtle but strong at the same time.The scent fills my house long after I put it out. The candle burns right to the edge of the bowl…” - Patricia 

“Absolutely divine perfume.We had a dinner party and I lit the candle half an hour before guests arrived. The perfume was not overpowering and was amazing, even my partner commented how lovely it was - that doesn't happen often!” - Theresa 

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves :)

And don’t forget, like all our beauties, our Patchouli & White Musk Gold Lid Soy Candle is hand poured, hand labelled and packaged with love in small batches by our family on our property in rural NSW. Meeraboo products bring the beauty of our Australian bush home to your home - wherever you may live!

You can buy Patchouli + White Musk in a mini sample candle size, or a full-sized Golden Girl.