The power of a signature fragrance in your home

October 09, 2023

The power of a signature fragrance in your home


There’s a reason why realtors use the scent of freshly baked cookies when showing a home for sale. Fragrance is seriously powerful. The right fragrance can both calm and exhilarate - welcome and create warmth. It can alter your sense of place, take you back in time and trigger memories. It conjures emotions and stays with you beyond the moment in time. As Elizabeth Taylor said - “The beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart and someone else's”. 

Scientists have found that scent, emotion and memory are inextricably intertwined. The smell of a cup of coffee in the morning. Your first crushes’ cologne or perfume. A really amazing spa treatment. Your favourite childhood meal. Storytime on Grandma’s couch. These smells evoke powerful feelings inside us and are held in the olfactory bulb in our brain.

Did you know that scent is the only fully developed sense that a fetus has in the womb? And that we tend to smell in direct association with colours - for example when you smell citrus it will remind you of the colours yellow, orange and green? While woody smells conjure up earthy colours in the brain like brown and rust. 

Fragrance says a lot about a person - it’s an integral part of your story, your brand, your message. The scent in a place is one of the first things we notice. It’s why high end hotels, restaurants and boutiques often hire fragrance consultants to get their scent just right. This is known as “scent branding". Businesses know that scent in their space sets the scene, and goes home with their customer as a powerful part of the memory of their experience in that place.

Humans have been aware of the power of scent in the home for a long time. Historians record the earliest known home fragrance to around 3000BC in Egypt where the pharaohs used Jasmine, lotus flower and frankincense to connect with the Gods. The ancient Greeks used mint leaves scattered around the home to scent their space and the Chinese used incense made from mandarins and flowers.

We all have that friend who’s home always smells incredible. You really notice it don’t you? When you arrive, while you’re there and then after you depart - it stays with you. Something comes from their house (a scarf you left behind) and you can tell just from the scent that gently emanates from it where it has been.

Would you like your house to be one of those places that people notice the scent of as soon as you open the door? We can help with that! Meeraboo has scents from all different scent families: Floral, Fresh & Fruity, Woody and even specialist Festive Christmas candle scents.

Whatever your fragrance preference, we can help you to create an incredible smelling home. Our candles and reed diffusers are expertly balanced to create a long lasting scent throw (the way we measure how fragrance permeates a space).

What will your home’s perfect signature scent be?