Australian Christmas Collection

The Australian Christmas candle collection is a modern celebration of native Australian flora painted by visual artist Hayley Wills. Our Xmas scented candles are inspired by the magic of Christmas, evoking a sense of joy and happiness all year round. Featuring a blend of Australian botanicals and native ingredients, alongside a northern hemisphere influence, this collection is perfect for any lover of Christmas scented candles. All of our soy wax Christmas candles are lovingly created using the finest ingredients to create long-lasting, delicious scents that will flow through your home. Our Christmas scented soy candles bring to mind images of a traditional white Christmas while also reminding you of the lush aromas of native Australia.

Vegan and soy candles for Christmas

Perfect for bringing Christmas cheer into your home, our vegan Christmas candles open with a fruity Plum and Pomegranate scent that will fill your senses with the joys of the season. Imagine the irresistible scent of Pine and Honey filling the room while your family gathers to celebrate, or Ginger and Cinnamon radiating the ultimate scents from our Christmas candles. Help a friend or family member embrace the season with a beautifully decorated Christmas soy candle hand poured in regional NSW. They will thank you as they enjoy the exquisite scent you chose, filling their hearts and minds with cherished Christmas memories and images.

The perfect gift

Xmas candles are a perfect way to show your appreciation for someone — and Christmas scented candles are a welcome gift, appropriate for any occasion. Gone are the days where it was hard to buy gifts for people, and instead they’d receive a voucher or a pair of socks. Surprise them with a more heartfelt gift that will make a lovely addition to any home. We have a full collection of scented candles to choose from should you prefer to give another scent. It’s not just our Christmas range that is amazing — all of our scented candles in Australia are prepared to the same high-quality standards and with the same amount of love.

About Hayley Wills

Hayley Wills is a self-taught artist from Brisbane, painting on and off since she was young. She turned her hobby into a business in 2018 when her youngest child was 4 months old, and she hasn’t turned back! "Nature is often my subject matter. I love abstracting anything botanical from Aussie natives, suburban gardens or just a bunch of flowers in a vase. Colour is everything; choosing palettes and mixing paint is my favourite part of the process. I make no attempt to have anything looking flawless as nature is imperfectly perfect!"

Hayley truly enjoys chatting with people about adding life to their walls as well as collaborating with other small businesses and seeing her artwork go further than the canvas. With so many symmetries in business and in life, this collaboration was a match made in heaven. The team here at Meeraboo are so thrilled to work with Hayley, and we hope you love what we have created together.

These really are the best Christmas candles to truly make your home smell like the festive season has arrived. With so many luscious scents to choose from, it doesn’t matter which of our Christmas scented candles you choose, we are confident you and your family will be pleased and your home will smell amazing. We invite you to contact us so you can experience the best Xmas candles in Australia. We are eager to introduce you to the sensory joy of a beautifully presented Meeraboo candle.


Why should I choose Meeraboo’s Christmas Scented Australian candles?

Meeraboo is a small family-owned and operated candle business. Each Christmas candle in Australia is lovingly crafted using the finest ingredients while keeping aesthetics in mind. The range of Christmas scented soy candles has the added bonus of incorporating Hayley Wills’ artwork to create a truly Australian, truly Christmassy candle that you will love so much you will want to have that delectable Christmas scent all year round.

What are the most popular Meeraboo Christmas candle scents?

Our three featured scents are all incredibly popular due to the true Christmas feel they exude into your home. Pine and Honey are the perfect ingredients to help us create the best Christmas tree scented candles in Australia. Our Ginger and Cinnamon scent will have you reminiscing about mulled wine or cinnamon pudding in no time at all. And wafts of Plum and Pomegranate fill the air with hints of Christmas pudding.

How do you make your home smell Christmassy?

The scents we associate with Christmas usually come from aromas from the kitchen and a real pine Christmas tree. As most people transition to artificial trees, those wonderful kitchen aromas tend to disappear quite quickly once the meal is served. You can preserve these Christmassy smells by lighting Christmas scented soy candles which continue to burn for hours. Regardless of where you place your candle, the aroma of Christmas will subtly remain for as long as you desire.

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