Winter Scents

When it comes to bringing warmth and comfort to a home, there is nothing like a lit candle. Add to it the most evocative scents and an elegant presentation, and you’ll have a wintery candle that brings delight to all the senses. Our Meeraboo winter scented candles promise all this and more. A carefully curated range, our gourmand soy wax candle collection will transport you back in time to your favourite winter memory, whether that’s the crisp scent of a snow-covered forest, the warmth of mulled wine or anything in between.

Scents to burn this winter

A well-picked botanical or gourmand candle can transform any space into a welcoming and cozy environment. Cuddle up at home with a cup of tea and have our Honey + Hay gourmand soy wax candle burning in the room for a sweet and smoky scent that is reminiscent of another time and place. Want a more earthy scent? Place our Patchouli + White Musk winter scented candles in your office for a luxurious waft of cooler days and fragrant greenery.

Gourmand candles hand-poured with love

At Meeraboo, we craft each and every one of our gourmand soy wax candles with the utmost love and care. Each 100% natural soy wax is carefully hand-poured into a mould by mum Deb and then delicately packed and labelled by MIL Kay. The whole family is involved in one way or another in the business, from Danni, the founder of this family business, and her husband to their kids, who provide constant joy and inspiration.

For more captivating scents and ingredient combinations to burn this winter, take a look at the woody scented candles and wildflower scented candles in the Australian scented candles collection or at our festive Christmas scented candles. If you have any questions about our winter scents candles, gourmet candles, or any of our other popular products, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.